A simple validation library for PHP 5.4+

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Affirm is a simple, no-frills assertion/validation package written for PHP 5.4+. It is a PHP port of is.js.

It is quite similar to Assert, and aims to match it.


Via Composer

$ composer require hassankhan/affirm


First instantiate the class:

$affirm = new Affirm\Affirm()

You can use either Affirm::is() or Affirm::are() to pass in any values:

$affirm->is(25, 50, 75);
$affirm->are(25, 50, 75);

Once all values have been passed in, you can use a modifier. By default, Affirm will only return true if all values pass the test, you can change this like so:

$affirm->is(25, 50, 75)->any();

Then add your test:

$affirm->is(25, 50, 75)->any()->odd();

You can also use Affirm as a static class:

Affirm\Proxy::is(25, 50, 75)->any()->odd();

Please read the API documentation for a full list of available methods.


Please see CONTRIBUTING.md for details.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE.md for more information.