Regions, Countries and Cities.

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Regions, Countries and Cities. Hierachical Location struction - you can have regions that encompas countries or cities.


Just use the provided models

All locations are saved in a single table, and their relations with one another are handled with harp-orm/materialized-path All Models are children of the Locaition model, inhereting its methods.

Database Tables:

│ Table: Location         │
│ id          │ ingeter   │
│ name        │ string    │
│ class       │ string    │
│ parentId    │ integer   │
│ path        │ string    │
│ code        │ string    │


City, Country, Region and Locaiotn models have some helper methods:

Method Description
contains(Location $location) Check if a given location contains another location, will return true if its a child or is the same location
isRegion() Return true for Region models and false for everything else
isCountry() Return true for Country models and false for everything else
isCity() Return true for City models and false for everything else


Copyright (c) 2014, Clippings Ltd. Developed by Ivan Kerin

Under BSD-3-Clause license, read LICENSE file.