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drag and drop menu generator like wordpress for laravel 5

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*This package is abandoned: I'm not maintaining this package anymore, please contact me if you want to take over this project or feel free to fork and make your own. Thank you

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forked from https://github.com/lordmacu/wmenu Laravel drag and drop menu


  1. Run
composer require harimayco/laravel-menu

Step 2 & 3 are optional if you are using laravel 5.5

  1. Add the following class, to "providers" array in the file config/app.php (optional on laravel 5.5)
  1. add facade in the file config/app.php (optional on laravel 5.5)
'Menu' => Harimayco\Menu\Facades\Menu::class,
  1. Run publish
php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Harimayco\Menu\MenuServiceProvider"
  1. Configure (optional) in config/menu.php :
  • CUSTOM MIDDLEWARE: You can add you own middleware
  • TABLE PREFIX: By default this package will create 2 new tables named "menus" and "menu_items" but you can still add your own table prefix avoiding conflict with existing table
  • TABLE NAMES If you want use specific name of tables you have to modify that and the migrations
  • Custom routes If you want to edit the route path you can edit the field
  • Role Access If you want to enable roles (permissions) on menu items
  1. Run migrate
php artisan migrate


Menu Builder Usage Example - displays the builder

On your view blade file


    {!! Menu::render() !!}

    {!! Menu::scripts() !!}

Using The Model

Call the model class

use Harimayco\Menu\Models\Menus;
use Harimayco\Menu\Models\MenuItems;

Menu Usage Example (a)

A basic two-level menu can be displayed in your blade template

Using Model Class
/* get menu by id*/
$menu = Menus::find(1);
/* or by name */
$menu = Menus::where('name','Test Menu')->first();

/* or get menu by name and the items with EAGER LOADING (RECOMENDED for better performance and less query call)*/
$menu = Menus::where('name','Test Menu')->with('items')->first();
/*or by id */
$menu = Menus::where('id', 1)->with('items')->first();

//you can access by model result
$public_menu = $menu->items;

//or you can convert it to array
$public_menu = $menu->items->toArray();
or Using helper
// Using Helper 
$public_menu = Menu::getByName('Public'); //return array

Menu Usage Example (b)

Now inside your blade template file place the menu using this simple example

<div class="nav-wrap">
    <div class="btn-menu">
    </div><!-- //mobile menu button -->
    <nav id="mainnav" class="mainnav">

        <ul class="menu">
            @foreach($public_menu as $menu)
            <li class="">
                <a href="{{ $menu['link'] }}" title="">{{ $menu['label'] }}</a>
                @if( $menu['child'] )
                <ul class="sub-menu">
                    @foreach( $menu['child'] as $child )
                        <li class=""><a href="{{ $child['link'] }}" title="">{{ $child['label'] }}</a></li>
                </ul><!-- /.sub-menu -->

        </ul><!-- /.menu -->
    </nav><!-- /#mainnav -->
 </div><!-- /.nav-wrap -->


Get Menu Items By Menu ID

use Harimayco\Menu\Facades\Menu;
Parameter: Menu ID
Return: Array
$menuList = Menu::get(1);

Get Menu Items By Menu Name

In this example, you must have a menu named Admin

use Harimayco\Menu\Facades\Menu;
Parameter: Menu ID
Return: Array
$menuList = Menu::getByName('Admin');


you can edit the menu interface in resources/views/vendor/wmenu/menu-html.blade.php


  • wmenu laravel package menu like wordpress


  • Tested with laravel 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8, 6.x, 7.x


  • Not working with RTL websites #21 (pull requests are welcome)