This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the hannesvdvreken/php-oauth package instead.

Laravel OAuth IoC wrapper Library

v0.0.5 2014-03-18 12:18 UTC


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Suggestion: This is just a Service Provider with a Laravel Session class for token storage. If you would like to keep using Lusitanian's PHPoAuthLib, please use artdarek/oauth-4-laravel by Dariusz Prząda. If you are interested in Guzzle-based service classes, look here!


Follow the steps below and you will be able to get an object of the service class with one rule:

$fb = OAuth::consumer('Facebook');
$fb = OAuth::consumer('Facebook', '');

Optionally, add a second parameter with the URL which the service needs to redirect to. Default, it uses the URL::current(), provided by Laravel (L4).

How to integrate


Add an alias to the bottom of app/config/app.php

'OAuth' => 'hannesvdvreken\OAuth\facade\OAuth',

and register this service provider at the bottom of the providers array:

'providers' => array(


Add your credentials to app/config/oauth.php

return array(

	 * One of 'StreamClient' or 'CurlClient'. Defaults to 'StreamClient' if not provided.
	'client' => 'StreamClient',

    'consumers' => array(
        'Facebook' => array(
            'client_id'     => '',
            'client_secret' => '',
            'scope' => array(),