A Guzzle plugin that listens to events and logs them with Clockwork

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Guzzle Subscriber for logging to clockwork so you can view the requests timeline and logs in your browser's developer tools.

Developer tools timeline

Developer tools logs


// First you need a Guzzle HTTP Client
$client = new GuzzleHttp\Client;

// Then you need a Clockwork object
$clockwork = new Clockwork\Clockwork;

// Create the Guzzle subscriber
$subscriber = new GuzzleHttp\Subscriber\Log\ClockworkSubscriber($clockwork);

// Add it as a subscriber

And you are done!

Laravel 4

If you are using Laravel 4, use the included service providers to add the subscriber to every Guzzle Client.

'providers' => [

Be sure to create every client via the auto-resolving application container:

$client = App::make('GuzzleHttp\Client');

Guzzle v3

If you want to continue to work with the old Guzzle v3 (Guzzle\Http\Client instead of GuzzleHttp\Client) ClockworkPlugin then you might want to install the 0.1.* releases. Pull request with Guzzle v3 compatibility should be made against the guzzle3 branch. Install the latest guzzle v3 compatible version with 0.1.* or dev-guzzle3.

Versions 0.2.0 and up are all compatible with Guzzle v4 and v5.


Feel free to make a pull request. Please try to be as PSR-2 compliant as possible.


To test your code before pushing, run the unit test suite.