Prune excess doctrine migrations

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  • Automatically prunes old migration files and their corresponding database entries just before running new Doctrine migrations.
  • Designed to work in production; migration files should be absent, leaving only the database entries to be removed.
  • Handles Doctrine migrations' multiple configurations.
  • Prevents warnings about missing migration files if you manually removed them.

Supported Platforms

  • MySQL
  • Sqlite


  • Requires Doctrine Migration Bundle.
  • Tested on Symfony 6, but should work wherever Doctrine Migrations Bundle v3.* is compatible.


To install the Doctrine Migration Pruner Bundle, you can use composer:

composer require hackzilla/doctrine-migration-pruner-bundle


Add the following to your application's config:

  remove_migrations_before: '2007-05-01'  # Can be null or a valid date-time

It's advisable to start with an earlier date-time.


Run your Doctrine migrations as you normally would:

bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate

Note: The pruning operation will not execute if the --dry-run option has been specified.


There are currently no tests available.

However, you can use Doctrine Migration Pruner Repo to test the migration pruning.

Contributions and Issues

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This bundle is released under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details.