Gzero CMS

v3.0.6 2019-03-16 09:59 UTC



To run the tests you need PHP >=7.1 and the following extensions:

  • xml
  • curl
  • mbstring
  • pgsql
  • gd

To run tests, copy .env.example file to .env.testing and put your database credentials into it.

To run tests you can use one of these commands:

whole suit

composer test

single file

composer test tests/functional/api/ContentCest.php

single test

composer test tests/functional/api/ContentCest.php:shouldBeAbleToGetCategoryChildren

single test with --debug

composer test-debug tests/functional/api/ContentCest.php:shouldBeAbleToGetCategoryChildren


./vendor/bin/phpmd src/ text phpmd.xml
./vendor/bin/phpcs --standard=ruleset.xml src/ -n --colors