Parses food delivery courier invoices

v0.1.6 2019-03-24 18:39 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-04-24 23:47:44 UTC


Parses Deliveroo PDF invoices.


Via Composer: composer require guym4c/roopal-php


Parse using the invoice constructor

$invoice = new Guym4c\Roopal\Invoice(string $pathToYourPDF [, bool $anonymise = false]);

If $anonymise is passed to the constructor, any output using the toArray() methods or toCSV() will only include md5 hashes of rider names. Bear in mind that some payment adjustments can contact personally identifying information, such as the name of the referring rider in referral payments.

Export invoices to CSV using the static method in Invoice

$csv = Guym4c\Roopal\Invoice::toCsv([$invoice]);


Compatibility could be broken at any time - if invoices are not parsing correctly, feel free to open an issue or PR.

This repo is maintained by the IWGB. If you have an invoice which breaks the parser, you can also email it to me, @guym4c, at - invoices mailed to this address will be handled in strictest confidence under the IWGB's Data Protection Policy.


IWGB Couriers Branch members can use this over the web on the IWGB website - contact a branch official to find out more. We're working on making this public once it's stable.

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