Log your error messages directly into Slack room

1.2.0 2016-03-30 12:06 UTC

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Last update: 2022-11-19 01:57:39 UTC


Log your errors directly into Slack room


composer require greeny/nette-slack-logger

And register extension to your config.neon:

	slackLogger: greeny\NetteSlackLogger\DI\SlackLoggerExtension

By default the logger is just turned off, since you probably do not want to log errors from dev environment. If you want to enable it, add following lines to config.local.neon at your production server:

	enabled: true
	timeout: 60
	logUrl: http://path/to/your/logs/directory/__FILE__

Of course replace slackUrl with payload URL from your incomming webhook from Slack.

You can leave logUrl empty, but if you have your logs accessible through web (of course e.g. protected by HTTP auth or available only from company IPs), you can define this URL here. __FILE__ will be replaced by filename of file with exception.

You can also define request timeout in key timeout.


You can also futher configure your logger:

	messageFactory: Some\Message\Factory
		channel: XXX
		icon: XXX
		name: XXX
		title: XXX
		text: XXX
		color: XXX

messageFactory holds FQN of class, which is implementing greeny\NetteSlackLogger\IMessageFactory. This class is used for creating messages for Slack. You can omit it, if you want to use default provided one. If you create custom message factory, it receives default parameters as first argument and logUrl as second one.

Defaults are self-explaining, but here is description of them:

  • channel - the channel you want your messages to arrive (overrides settings in webhook in slack administration)
  • icon - the icon you want your bot to have (overrides settings in webhook in slack administration)
  • name - the name you want your bot to have (overrides settings in webhook in slack administration)
  • title - the title you want your message to have
  • text - the text you want your message to have (you will probably never use this, but it is here for consistency purposes)
  • color - the color you want your message to have (accepts #RRGGBB and maybe some other things, not sure about it)


You can also set custom handlers for logger. Just get your logger instance through DI or by calling Tracy\Debugger::getLogger() and use method addHandler to add your custom handler.

Handler is a callable, which receives greeny\NetteSlackLogger\MessageSendEvent as only argument. It has set of usefull methods:

  • getMessage() - returns the message being sent
  • getValue() - returns value being logged
  • getPriority() - returns the priority of this log action
  • getLogFile() - returns file to which value was logged (or NULL if nothing got logged)
  • cancel() - cancels sending of message
  • isCancelled() - returns if sending is cancelled or not

getMessage() method returns instance of greeny\NetteSlackLogger\IMessage, which has getters and setters for same properties, which you define in defaults section (see Configuration)

You can alter your message here, since handlers are called before message is sent. If you cancel message, it still gets logged into that file.