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GPLCart is an open source e-commerce platform based on the classical LAMP stack (Linux+ Apache+Mysql+PHP). It's free, simple and extensible solution that allows you to build online shops fast and easy. GplCart is not a fork of an existing software. It's completely unique, made "with blood, sweat and tears" from the scratch.


  • PHP 5.4+, Mysql 5+, Apache 1+

Also you'll need the following extension enabled:

  • PDO
  • FileInfo
  • SPL
  • JSON
  • GD
  • Mb string
  • Mod Rewrite


GPLCart has some default dependencies (Jquery etc) which should be downloaded separately using Composer. If you have downloaded GPLCart manually, make sure that all 3-d party libraries are in place by running composer update

The recommended installation process:

Download the files (including dependencies) into test directory

composer create-project gplcart/gplcart test --stability dev --no-interaction

then perform full installation:

  1. cd test
  2. php gplcart install

In one line: composer create-project gplcart/gplcart test --stability dev --no-interaction && cd test && php gplcart install

Some key features

  • Simple MVC pattern
  • PHP 7 compatibility
  • PSR-0, PSR-4 standard compliance
  • Dependency injection
  • Modules are damn simple, theme = module. See how you can generate your module
  • Hooks
  • Command line support (extensible)
  • Ability to rewrite almost any core method from a module (no monkey patching, "VQ mods")
  • Supports any template engine, including TWIG
  • Supports versioned dependencies for modules and 3-d party libraries
  • Really simple UI
  • Multistore,
  • International, easy translatable
  • Product comparison
  • Wishlists even for anonymous
  • Address books
  • No stupid cart pages, just one checkout page
  • True one page checkout with graceful degradation when JS is disabled
  • Product classes
  • Bundled products
  • Product fields (images, colors, text)
  • Product combinations (XL + red, XL + green etc) with the easiest management you've ever seen
  • Super flexible price rules both for catalog and checkout (including coupons)
  • Roles and access control
  • Autogenerated URL aliases
  • Autogenerated SKU
  • Installation profiles

...and much more!


There are a number of official modules already written to extend core functionality.