A code formatter for php code

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A library for formatting php code.


  • Whitespace
  • New lines
  • Indentation (on curly braces only)
  • Blanks (partial support)

-> Wishlist

Getting started


Via composer:

composer require gossi/php-code-formatter

From Code

This simple code snippet is all you need:

use gossi\formatter\Formatter;

$formatter = new Formatter();
$beautifulCode = $formatter->format($uglyCode);

From CLI

A bare cli version is available:

vendor/bin/phormat path/to/file.php

will output the formatted source code to stdout


php code formatter is not yet finished (see Wishlist). Please help the development, by picking one of the open issues or implement your own rules. See the wiki on creating your own rules.

Psr-2? Spaces suck, deal with it :p Once Version 1.0 is reached, a psr-2 profile will be shipped.