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Last update: 2023-01-24 22:12:03 UTC


The official GoSquared PHP module for integrating the GoSquared API into your PHP app with ease.


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Tracking API

See the Tracking API docs site for full documentation.

Reporting API

The reporting APIs and their functions are listed on Reporting API docs site.

Quick guide


$opts = array(
  'site_token' => 'your-site-token',
  'api_key' => 'your-api-key'
$GS = new GoSquared($opts);

// Track events
$result = $GS->track_event('Event Name');

// Create anonymous Person
$person = $GS->create_person();

// Identify person
$response = $person->identify(array(
  'id' => 'user-id',
  'name' => 'Foo Bar',
  'email' => 'foo@bar.com'

// Retrieve live data
$result = $GS->now->concurrents();

// Retrieve historical trends and ecommerce data
$result = $GS->trends->aggregate();


  • PHP >= 5.2.0
  • cURL

Running tests

make test

To test with your own site token and api key, you can prefix this command with the SITE_TOKEN and API_KEY environment variables containing your keys. WARNING: this will track test data under your account


To switch on debug logs, place the following define statement before including this library:

define('GOSQUARED_DEBUG', true);

Debug output will then be sent to the standard output streams. Common places to find the output are your console (if run with CLI), your web server logs, or php-fpm logs.