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Client library for Goracash APIs

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The Goracash API Client Library enables you to work with Goracash APIs on your server.



For the latest installation and setup instructions, see the documentation.

Basic Example

See the examples/ directory for examples of the key client features.


  require_once 'goracash-api-php-client/src/autoload.php'; // or wherever autoload.php is located
  $client = new Goracash\Client();
  $date_lbound = '2015-04-03 00:00:00';
  $date_ubound = '2015-04-05 00:00:00';
  $options = array('limit' => 2);
  $service = new Goracash\Service\LeadAcademic($client);
  $leads = $service->getLeads($date_lbound, $date_ubound, $options);

  foreach ($leads as $lead) {
    echo "Id :", $lead['id'], "<br /> \n";
    echo "Date :", $lead['date'], "<br /> \n";
    echo "Status :", $lead['status'], "<br /> \n";
    echo "Status date:", $lead['status_date'], "<br /> \n";
    echo "Level:", $lead['level'], "<br /> \n";
    echo "Subject :", $lead['subject'], "<br /> \n";
    echo "Payout :", $lead['payout'], "<br /> \n";
    echo "Payout date :", $lead['payout_date'], "<br /> \n";
    echo "Trackers :<br /> \n";
    foreach ($lead['trackers'] as $tracker) {
        echo "Tracker id :", $tracker['id'], "<br /> \n";
        echo "Tracker title :", $tracker['title'], "<br /> \n";
        echo "Tracker slug :", $tracker['slug'], "<br /> \n";

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if something isn't working?

If there is a specific bug with the library, please file a issue in the Github issues tracker, including a (minimal) example of the failing code and any specific errors retrieved. Feature requests can also be filed, as long as they are core library requests, and not-API specific: for those, refer to the documentation for the individual APIs for the best place to file requests. Please try to provide a clear statement of the problem that the feature would address.