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Last update: 2020-09-16 14:35:25 UTC


This project provides a SOAP client for the UPS Ship service


The recommended way to install goetas-webservices/ups-ship-client is using Composer, just run:

composer require goetas-webservices/ups-ship-client


  • Pure PHP, no dependencies on ext-soap
  • Complete IDE type hinting support
  • PSR-7 HTTP messaging compatible
  • Multi HTTP client (guzzle, buzz, curl, react)
  • No WSDL/XSD parsing on production
  • Extensible (event listeners support)



use GoetasWebservices\SoapServices\SoapClient\ClientFactory;
use GoetasWebservices\SoapServices\SoapClient\Builder\SoapContainerBuilder;
use GoetasWebservices\Client\UPSShipService\SoapContainer;
use GoetasWebservices\Client\UPSShipService\SoapStubs\ShipService;

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

// project initialization
$container = new SoapContainer();

// use this when cloning this repository and keeping the directory, comment it when including goetas-webservices/ups-ship-client via composer
$serializer = SoapContainerBuilder::createSerializerBuilderFromContainer($container)->build();

// uncomment this when including goetas-webservices/ups-ship-client via composer
// $serializer = SoapContainerBuilder::createSerializerBuilderFromContainer($container, null, __DIR__ . '/vendor/goetas-webservices/ups-ship-client')->build();

$metadata = $container->get('goetas_webservices.soap_client.metadata_reader');
$factory = new ClientFactory($metadata, $serializer);

 * @var $client ShipService
$client = $factory->getClient('SCHEMA-WSDLs/Ship.wsdl','ShipPort', 'ShipService');

$result = $client->ProcessShipment(/* put here your params */);



The code in this project is provided under the MIT license. For professional support contact goetas@gmail.com or visit https://www.goetas.com