Syllables are helper classes and functions for WordPress development.

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Syllables are helper classes and functions for WordPress development.

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To install this library as a dependency in your WordPress project using Composer, run the following command to get the latest version:

$ composer require goblindegook/syllables

By default, Composer will install Syllables as a plugin in the wp-content/plugins/syllables directory. You may then sign into the Dashboard, navigate to "Plugins" and activate "Syllables".

Even though Syllables exists as a plugin, it doesn't do anything by itself, but it does make its classes and functions available so you don't have to include it as a dependency in every single one of your plugins or themes.

Install as a must-use WordPress plugin

To install Syllables as a must-use plugin (which cannot be turned off by users), make sure your site's composer.json file contains an extra.installer-paths section and that goblindegook/syllables is set to install in the correct directory:

"extra": {
    "installer-paths": {
        "wp-content/mu-plugins/syllables/": ["goblindegook/syllables"]

Running Composer to install your dependencies will place Syllables into the wp-content/mu-plugins/syllables folder instead.

Now, because WordPress doesn't look for must-use plugins in subfolders, you will also need to copy the syllables-mu.php file provided into the parent directory.

$ cd /path/to/wp-content/mu-plugins/syllables
$ cp syllables-mu.php ..

Development builds

Syllables uses Gulp to automate builds through the following tasks:

  • gulp build: Installs Composer dependencies.
  • gulp test: Runs automated PHPUnit tests.
  • gulp watch: Observes source files for changes and runs unit tests automatically.
  • gulp apigen: Builds documentation using ApiGen.



Syllables is licensed under the GPL, version 2.0 or any later version. See LICENSE.