Open Social is a distribution for building social communities and intranets.

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Open Social

The install profile for the Open Social distribution.

Quick installation?

We have a template available at goalgorilla/social_template

Want to help contribute?

Be sure to check out our repository with development tools on Github

For any other information be sure to checkout our Documentation.

GitHub Open Social PR flow

Open Social - Distro flow - Old

Whenever someone creates a PR within goalgorilla/open_social the following steps are triggered:

GitHub actions

We use github actions to trigger

  1. PHPStan for static analysis of the code being contributed
  2. PHPCS for coding standards of the code being contributed


We use TravisCI to run 3. PHPUnit tests 4. Behat tests

After all checks are completed, including a manual review we can merge our PR's.

However - We are currently migrating to a new PR flow.