Low-budget password strength estimation for your Flarum forum.

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2.0.1 2021-02-15 10:47 UTC

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Low-budget password strength estimation for your forum.


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🦸 Features

  • Based on zxcvbn (by DropBox).
  • Password strength is labeled as 'Weak', 'Could be stronger' and 'Strong'.
  • Customizable display modes.
  • Compatible with nearata/flarum-ext-signup-confirm-password.

📥 Installation

composer require glowingblue/password-strength

♻ Updating

composer update glowingblue/password-strength
php flarum cache:clear

🚫 Conflicts

  • glowingblue/password-strength doesn't work with therealsujitk/flarum-ext-show-password which can be removed, as glowingblue/password-strength adds a very similar functionality.

📖 Usage

Just enable the extension and customize if you wish.

📝 To-do

  • I have no idea about how to implement it inside the reset password blade but you're very welcome to guide me or open a pull request on GitHub.

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