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Last update: 2023-11-25 10:27:39 UTC


This project is now DEPRECATED. Currently there are better alternatives, please use those in new projects.

Glorpen AsseticCompassConnector

The better Compass integration for your PHP project.

For forking and other funnies:

What problems is it solving?

This Assetic filter:

  • provides a way to closely integrate Compass with any framework - you just have to write simple Resolver for your project
  • adds bundle/plugins/package namespace for compass files - so you can do cross-plugin imports or use assets from other packages
    • ... and it could enable distributing bundles with Compass assets
  • your Resolver provides required files - so it can support any project structure
  • assets recompiling/updating when any of its dependencies are modified - be it another import, inlined font file or just width: image-width(@SomeBundle:public/myimage.png);

Available Resolvers

How to install

  • first, you need to install ruby connector gem:
gem install compass-connector
  • add requirements to composer.json:
    "require": {
        "glorpen/assetic-compass-connector": "*"

Virtual Paths

There are four kinds of "paths":

  • app: looks like @MyBundle:public/images/asset.png
  • absolute path: starts with single /, should only be used in resolving on-disk file and url prefixing, it is always a public file
  • vendor: a relative path, should be used only by compass plugins (eg. zurb-foundation, blueprint)
  • absolute path: starts with //, http:// etc. and will NOT be changed by connector

Some examples:

@import "@SomeBundle:scss/settings"; /* will resolve to src/SomeBundle/Resources/scss/_settings.scss */
@import "foundation"; /* will include foundation scss from your compass instalation */

width: image-size("@SomeBundle:public/images/my.png"); /* will output image size of SomeBundle/Resources/public/images/my.png */
background-image: image-url("@SomeBundle:public/images/my.png"); /* will generate url with prefixes given by Symfony2 config */
@import "@SomeBundle:sprites/*.png"; /* will import sprites located in src/SomeBundle/Resources/sprites/ */


This filter's Assetic name is compass_connector.

You can compile assets as in any Assetic filter:

   use Glorpen\Assetic\CompassConnectorFilter\Filter;
   use Glorpen\Assetic\CompassConnectorFilter\Resolver\SimpleResolver;
   use Assetic\Asset\AssetCollection;
   use Assetic\Asset\FileAsset;

   $resolver = new SimpleResolver(
         "ResourcesDir/", "outputDir/"

   $f = new Filter($resolver, 'path/to/cache', 'path/to/compass/bin');
   $f->setPlugins(array("zurb-foundation")); //or array("zurb-foundation"=>">4")
   $f->addImport('/path/to/some/scss/dir'); //and then @import "scss_in_some_dir";

   $css = new AssetCollection(array(
         new FileAsset('path/to/file.scss'),
   ), array( $f ));