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The better Compass integration for your PHP project.

For forking and other funnies:

What problems is it solving?

This Assetic filter:

  • provides a way to closely integrate Compass with any framework - you just have to write simple Resolver for your project
  • adds bundle/plugins/package namespace for compass files - so you can do cross-plugin imports or use assets from other packages
    • ... and it could enable distributing bundles with Compass assets
  • your Resolver provides required files - so it can support any project structure
  • assets recompiling/updating when any of its dependencies are modified - be it another import, inlined font file or just width: image-width(@SomeBundle:public/myimage.png);

Available Resolvers

How to install

  • first, you need to install ruby connector gem:


gem install compass-connector

  • add requirements to composer.json:


"require": {

"glorpen/assetic-compass-connector": "*"



Virtual Paths

There are four kinds of "paths":

  • app: looks like @MyBundle:public/images/asset.png
  • absolute path: starts with single /, should only be used in resolving on-disk file and url prefixing, it is always a public file
  • vendor: a relative path, should be used only by compass plugins (eg. zurb-foundation, blueprint)
  • absolute path: starts with //, http:// etc. and will NOT be changed by connector

Some examples:


@import "@SomeBundle:scss/settings"; /* will resolve to src/SomeBundle/Resources/scss/_settings.scss / @import "foundation"; / will include foundation scss from your compass instalation */

width: image-size("@SomeBundle:public/images/my.png"); /* will output image size of SomeBundle/Resources/public/images/my.png / background-image: image-url("@SomeBundle:public/images/my.png"); / will generate url with prefixes given by Symfony2 config / @import "@SomeBundle:sprites/.png"; /* will import sprites located in src/SomeBundle/Resources/sprites/ */


This filter's Assetic name is compass_connector.

You can compile assets as in any Assetic filter:



use GlorpenAsseticCompassConnectorFilterFilter; use GlorpenAsseticCompassConnectorFilterResolverSimpleResolver; use AsseticAssetAssetCollection; use AsseticAssetFileAsset;

$resolver = new SimpleResolver(

"ResourcesDir/", "outputDir/"


$f = new Filter($resolver, 'path/to/cache', 'path/to/compass/bin'); $f->setPlugins(array("zurb-foundation")); //or array("zurb-foundation"=>">4") $f->addImport('/path/to/some/scss/dir'); //and then @import "scss_in_some_dir";

$css = new AssetCollection(array(

new FileAsset('path/to/file.scss'),

), array( $f ));