QR Code Generator for PHP

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Here is one way to rewrite the document to incorporate your custom QR code types:

QR Code Generator for PHP

Based on the popular library PHP QR Code, this package lets you create several different QR Codes.


Due to the number of permutations this library does, it is normal to have more than one QR Code for the same information.

To demonstrate this behavior, start a server at the public folder, enter some data and hit the Generate QR Code button a few times.

Each time you hit the button there is a chance a different QR Code with the same encoded information will be generated.

Independently of the number of permutations, this package will generate one and only one PNG or SVG file for each content, overwriting the latest one every time.


Install using composer:

$ composer require giauphan/qr-code

QR Code Types

QR Code Generator for PHP supports the following QR Codes:

  • Calendar Event
  • Email Message
  • Phone
  • SMS
  • Text
  • URL
  • meCard
  • vCard v3
  • Wi-fi Network Settings

Custom QR Code Types

You can also create custom QR code types by modifying the code in giauphan/qr-code/src/QR_Code/Types. For example, you could add:

  • Loyalty Card
  • Coupon
  • Boarding Pass

Make sure you check the Documentation for further instructions on using and customizing QR code types.


To contribute to this project, please do the following:

  • Fork it
  • Create a new branch for your contribution
  • Test it! Make sure it works and it won't break the master code
  • Send pull request

Let me know if this incorporates your suggested changes appropriately! I'm happy to further refine the rewrite.