QR Code Generator for PHP wrapper for Laravel

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Last update: 2024-05-31 05:30:06 UTC


Create QR Codes with Laravel

This is a wrapper for [QR Code Generator for PHP], a standalone library to generate QR Codes in PNG and SVG.


Install using composer:

composer require giauphan/laravel-qr-code
Laravel 5.4 (5.5+ can skip this step)

You need to add provider and alias to your config/app.php file:


'providers' => [     

'aliases' => [
   'QRCode' => LaravelQRCode\Facades\QRCode::class,     

QR Code Types

Laravel QR Code Generator supports the following QR Codes:

  • Calendar Event
  • Email Message
  • Phone
  • SMS
  • Text
  • URL
  • meCard
  • vCard v3
  • Wi-fi Network Settings



Route::get('qr-code', function () {
  $path = public_path().'/qr-code.png';
  $filename = '/qr-code.png';
  QRCode::text('QR Code Generator for Laravel!')
      ->setOutfile($path )
  return '<img src=' . $filename . '>';

The above route should print a PNG image for a text QR Code.


To contribute to this project, please do the following:

  • Fork it
  • Create a new branch for your contribution
  • Test it! Make sure it works and it won't break the master code
  • Send pull request