A package for handling JSON API responses

2.0.0 2020-11-17 16:03 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-05-14 13:20:59 UTC


currently: v0.1

This package makes it easy to return HTTP API responses that fit the JSON API standard.


Via Composer

$ composer require giadc/giadc-json-response


Add the following to the providers array of your config/app.php



Basic Example:

use Giadc\JsonResponse\Responses\Response;

class YourClass {
    _construct(Response $response) {
        $this->response = $response;

    public function jsonApiFunctions() {
        return $this->response->success();

Available functions:

$response->getStatusCode(): int;
$response->setStatusCode(int $statusCode);
$response->withArray(array $array, array $headers = []): JsonResponse;
$response->withError(string $message): JsonResponse;
$response->createSuccessful( $entity = null, TransformerAbstract $transformer = null, string $resourceKey = '', array $headers = []): SymfonyResponse;
$response->withItem( $item, TransformerAbstract $transformer, string $resourceKey, array $headers = []): JsonResponse;
$response->withResourceItem( JsonApiResource $item, ResourceTransformer $transformer, array $headers = []): JsonResponse;
$response->withCollection( $collection, TransformerAbstract $transformer, string $resourceKey = ''): SymfonyResponse;
$response->noContent(array $headers = []): JsonResponse;
$response->withPagination( $paginator, TransformerAbstract $transformer, string $resourceKey = ''): JsonResponse;
$response->withHttpException( HttpExceptionInterface $httpException): JsonResponse;
$response->errorForbidden(string $message = 'Forbidden'): JsonResponse;
$response->errorInternalError(string $message = 'Internal Error'): JsonResponse;
$response->errorNotFound(string $message = 'Not Found'): JsonResponse;
$response->errorUnauthorized(string $message = 'Unauthorized'): JsonResponse;
$response->errorValidation(string $message = 'Validation Error'): JsonResponse;
$response->errorsValidation(array $messages): JsonResponse;
$response->errorNotSearchable(string $message = 'Not Searchable'): JsonResponse;

Fractal Transformers

The GIADC JSON Response packages uses league/fractal for the withItem(), withCollection(), & withPagination() responses. See Fractal's documentation for more information regarding Transformers.


ResourceTransformer adds the required transform that pulls JsonApiResource's data from the required jsonSerialize method. It also allows for automatic management of excludes and fields request parameters options.


Forces entities to have the following methods:

  • getResourceKey: We can now reference this instead of hard coding this value very time.
  • id: JsonAPI allows requires an id.
  • jsonSerialize: Used in the new ResourceTransformer.

Use the JsonApiResource Item response to automatically pass $resourceKey to the transformer. $response->withResourceItem($item, $transformer, $headers)


not supported by JsonAPI

Attributes may be excluded from JsonApiResource's response. A decent use case for this would be removing the config/ui/tracking from Campaigns when it's not needed. This would allow us to remove some redundant routes, providing the FE with more flexibility.



Fields (

An empty value indicates that no fields should be returned. ... If a client requests a restricted set of fields for a given resource type, an endpoint MUST NOT include additional fields in resource objects of that type in its response.

Example: /api/permissionGroups?fields[permissionGroups]=name&include=permissions&fields[permissions]=

  "data": [
      "type": "permissionGroups",
      "id": "adops",
      "attributes": { "name": "adops" },
      "relationships": {
        "permissions": {
          "data": [{ "type": "permissions", "id": "campaigns.tracking" }]
  "included": [
    { "type": "permissions", "id": "campaigns.tracking", "attributes": {} }