A suite of tools for benchmarking (load testing) web servers and databases

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This is a suite of tools for benchmarking (load testing) web servers and databases.


It is designed to be useful for consultants. Primary need is ease of use on hostile environments (a.k.a customers servers). This translates into:

  • no install/deinstall process (just copy a text file and you're done)
  • as few dependencies as possible (I work on servers where php is already installed so that does not count)
  • easy learning curve: mimic usage of other existing, well known tools


  • php version 5 or higher
  • ability to run php from the command line (for linux this often means installing the php-cli package)
  • various php extensions, depending on the script used (curl for ezab.php, mysqli for ezmyreplay.php)

List of tools available

  • ezab.php: a clone of the Apache Bench tool

  • abrunner.php: a script which runs AB many times in a row and collects aggregate data ( e.g. useful to test responsiveness of one web page while increasing concurrency or collect response times across a list of urls)

  • ezmyreplay.php: replays queries from eg. a slow log against a mysql server ( e.g. useful to test responsiveness of one db while increasing concurrency or test performance changes obtained via configuration tweaks)


  • Q: can these tools be installed via Composer? A: yes

More info

For more information, look at the tool-specific README file: ezab, ezmyreplay

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