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Symfony2 bundle to interact with gergelypolonkai/smssender

dev-master 2012-12-20 18:13 UTC

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Last update: 2024-07-06 12:53:11 UTC



This bundle integrates with gergelypolonkai/smssender to send SMS messages through gergelypolonkai/smsgateway.


Simply add gergelypolonkai/smssender-bundle to your Symfony2 project's composer.json file, and run

php composer.phar update


Everything is configurable through the Symfony project's configuration files. In YML format, the possibilities are:


    # This must be set, as it has no default value
    sender_url: http://localhost/smsgateway

    # The username/password to use to login to SmsGateway. No default values
    # are available, either
    username: gateway-user
    password: gateway-password

    # This defaults to true. You should set this to false if you use
    # self-signed certificates
    verify_ssl: true

    # This is the default value. Currently SmsGateway requires this to be
    # be set to application/json
    content_type: application/json

    # The content-encoding of the data you send to the server. This must be
    # UTF-8 if you want to send an SMS with non-ascii characters.
    content-encoding: utf-8

    # This should be turned on only for debugging purposes. It makes CURL to
    # log every traffic it makes with SmsGateway.
    verbose_curl: false


Everything is done via the gergely_polonkai_sms_sender.sender service.

$sender = $container->get('gergely_polonkai_sms_sender.sender');
$sender->send('+155523456789', 'Hello world!', array());