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  • PHP


    Bulma Package delivers a full configured frontend theme for TYPO3, based on the Bulma CSS Framework.

  • PHP


    Adds social media features to TYPO3 pages.

  • PHP


    Renders news for a slider and adjusts some templates.

  • HTML


    Complete TYPO3 site package (theme) to build a website for a fire department. With the extension operations you are able to show operations on the website. For latest news are templates for the extensions news prepared. The whole page is optimized for mobile devices too.

  • PHP


    This TYPO3 extension adds unread information to the records of ext:news for frontend users.

  • PHP


    Delivery system for Salesforce (Web-To-Lead-API) based on Mediatis Formrelay

  • HTML


    Kickstart your TYPO3 project with Threeme. The distribution focus on rapid Frontend development and preconfigurated Backend with low entrylevel for editors.

  • web-tp3/cal

    A calendar combining all the functions of the existing calendar extensions plus adding some new features. It is based on the ical standard