Generate redirect if the slug changes

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TYPO3 Extension news_redirect_slug_change

This extension generates redirects for EXT:news records if the slug is changed.


Install the extension just as any other extenison as well.

  • Use composer req georgringer/news-redirect-slug-change
  • Upload to TER will follow later


The only thing which must be configured is the page which is used as detail page. This can be either done by PageTsConfig with tx_news.redirect.pageId = 456 or within the site configuration. See below for full example.

     # Detail page id which can be overruled py pageTsConfig tx_news.redirect.pageId = 456
     pageId: 123
     # Automatically create redirects for news with a new slug (works only in LIVE workspace)
     # (default: true)
     autoCreateRedirects: true
     # Time To Live in days for redirect records to be created - `0` disables TTL, no expiration
     # (default: 0)
     redirectTTL: 30
     # HTTP status code for the redirect, see
     # (default: 307)
     httpStatusCode: 307

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