Add possibilities for galleries in a news record

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EXT:news_recurring: Recurring news events


This extension provides an easy way to add multiple dates to a single news record.

Even though a recurring news event is a new record, it will be shown as a duplicate of the original one, except the date is switched to the actual one.


  • TYPO3 7.6 LTS, 8.7 LTS
  • Extension "news" 6.0.0


alt:Screenshot of the backend

How to use

Using this extension is simple! Follow this steps:

Creating the records

  1. Install the extension. You can get it either from the TER or from Github
  2. Create or open a news record and add multiple dates.

Adopt the template

A few properties are added to the news object:

({newsItem.recurringOriginal} This property will give you the original uid, because by just fetching {newsItem.uid} the uid of the parent object will be shown.

{newsItem.recurringParent} This property will get you the parent object

{newsItem.recurring} This property will give you all recurring events which are attached.


Author of this extension is Georg Ringer (

Contribution & Bug reports

Any contribution is highly welcomed. Please use the bugtracker of the GitHub Project