Add relation to fe_users

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2.0.0 2018-06-20 07:26 UTC

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Last update: 2024-02-22 10:02:11 UTC


This extension extends the news record by a relation to a FE User.


  • TYPO3 CMS 8.7+
  • EXT:news 6+
  • License: GPL 2


Install the extension as any other extension.

If you use composer, use composer require georgringer/news-feuser.


Rendering the user

After filling out the relation, you are able to output the fe user with

<!-- Show the full model -->

<!-- Show the names -->
<f:if condition="{newsItem.newsFeUser}">
    <f:for each="{newsItem.newsFeUser}" as="user">
        <li>{user.firstName} {user.lastName}</li>

perUser Action

An additional action is added to the plugin which allows to show the news items which belong to a given frontend user. The name of the GET argument is defined in the configuration of the extension manager of the extension.

Set it to user|id if the GET argument is called &user[id].

Duplicate the template file List.html with the name PerUser.html which will output the news of the given user.