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Last update: 2023-11-15 11:10:17 UTC


This extension is currently a Proof of concept, everything might change ;)


  • Install with composer composer require georgringer/google-docs-content
  • Click on at the Enable Google Docs API button.
  • Download the Client Configuration and save it somewhere on the server
  • Setup Extension by using ./bin/typo3 googledocs:setup ./<path-to>/credentials.json and follow the steps


In Backend switch to new page type Google Docs Content and add the id of the document which you can find by checking the url if a google docs is opened. E.g. the ID is 1XXXXXqtDJGae67PmfU7aHSOEj5BY1Y7j4ZlcH-0ePw


  • Improve page tca
  • make a selector for finding files
  • ...