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Last update: 2024-03-18 08:24:02 UTC


This extensions integrates the inplace editing of Crowdin into TYPO3. Using this features makes it fast and simple to add translations of XLF files used in the backend.

In-Context Localization

Important: This extensions can not be used to translate content but "static" translations saved in xlf files.

1. Install

Using composer

  1. composer req georgringer/crowdin.
  2. ./typo3cms crowdin:enable

Non composer

  1. Download the extension from TER
  2. ./typo3/sysext/core/bin/typo3 crowdin:enable

Additional information

The enable command writes the following information to LocalConfiguration.php:

    ['SYS']['localization']['locales']['user']['t3'] = 'Crowdin In-Context Localization';
    ['SYS']['fluid']['namespaces'] => [
            'f' => [


Follow the next steps to be able to use Crowdin in the backend:

  1. Switch to Install Tool => Maintenance => Manage Language Packs
  2. Click + Add language and select Crowdin In-Context Localization [t3], click Update all.
  3. Switch to the User settings
  4. Select Crowdin In-Context Localization.
  5. Click save button.

After the automatic reload, a Crowdin will be shown to login with your Crowdin account and to select the language you want to translate to.

To enable in-context localization: Switch your user to Language Crowdin In-Context Localization

Extension Configuration

This extensions can be configured in the Install Tool using Settings => Extension Configuration => Crowdin.

  • Enable to translate TYPO3 core: Enable this checkbox to translate TYPO3 and its system extensions.
  • Extension key: If the checkbox above is NOT set, an extension key can be provided which can be translated. A full list of available extensions on Crowdin is available at e.g. news.