Automate translations uploading/downloading

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Automate uploading/downloading translations


Install the package via composer:

composer require georgii-web/laravel-crowdin-integration --dev

By default, the package uses the following environment variables


Config Files

In order to edit the default configuration for this package you may execute:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="MacPaw\LaravelCrowdinIntegration\CrowdinServiceProvider"

After that, config/crowdin.php will be created. Inside this file you will find all the fields that can be edited in this package.

Full scenario

Add/update lang-file from "/resources/lang/en/{file}" to, translate and approve rows there, download translates to the projects "/resources/lang/{language}/{file}".


php artisan crowdin:add/update default.php

Translate and approve it on the

php artisan crowdin:download

Check translation in "/resources/lang/{language}/default.php"


If row was deleted in file, after update it'll be deleted in too. Only approved rows wil be downloaded to the project.


You can see all the commands in the list of command:

php artisan list

Add File

Add a file from project to Crowdin repository:

php artisan crowdin:add {fileName.ext}

It is work only for adding file, not for updating

Update File

Update exist file from project to Crowdin repository

php artisan crowdin:update {fileName.ext}

It is work only for updating file, not for adding

Upload File

This is command add or update all origin files from a project in Crowdin repository:

php artisan crowdin:upload

No matter file exists or not in Crowdin repository


Build ZIP archive with the latest translations.

php artisan crowdin:build

Download Files

Download translations files from Crowdin repository to your.

php artisan crowdin:download