Provide Application Passwords for WordPress core

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Creates unique passwords for applications to authenticate users without revealing their main passwords.


Install from the official plugin repository by searching for "Application Passwords" under "Plugins" → "Add New" in your WordPress dashboard.

Install Using Composer

composer require georgestephanis/application-passwords


See the readme.txt for usage instructions.

Development Environment

Included is a local devolopment environment using Docker with an optional Vagrant wrapper for network isolation and ZeroConf for automatic application-passwords.local discovery. Run docker-compose up -d to start the Docker containers on your host machine or vagrant up to start it in a VirtualBox environment.


  • npm install to setup project dependencies including the Composer dependencies via the postinstall hook. Configures a pre-commit hook that lints all JS and PHP code before each commit.

  • npm run build to create a release in the dist directory. We include Composer files since the same bundle is used for the Composer package.

  • npm run deploy to deploy the plugin to the plugin respository.



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