This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

A Laravel Nova field.

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0.4.4 2022-06-17 12:34 UTC


This package has been archived until such time that it can be brought up-to-date with Laravel Nova. We have stopped using Laravel Nova, and no longer have a license for it. As such we currently cannot justify further development on this package. Please check here for availability of similar packages:

Map Marker Field for Laravel Nova

GitHub (pre-)release Packagist GitHub license

Map Marker Field for Laravel Nova masthead image.

Supporting This Package

This is an MIT-licensed open source project with its ongoing development made possible by the support of the community. If you'd like to support this, and our other packages, please consider becoming a sponsor.

We thank the following sponsors for their generosity, please take a moment to check them out:


  • Laravel 9.0+
  • Nova 3.9+


  1. Install the package:
composer require genealabs/nova-map-marker-field
  1. Publish the marker icon assets (this is not necessary if you are specifying your own):
php artisan vendor:publish --provider="GeneaLabs\NovaMapMarkerField\Providers\Service"


To create the map marker field, all that is necessary is the form label, and the remaining options will have defaults applied:

use GeneaLabs\NovaMapMarkerField\MapMarker;


Coordinate Field Names

By default the field will look for latitude and longitude fields on the model. However, if your model uses different names, you may customize them with the ->latitude('lat') and ->longitude('long') methods:


Default Settings

You can specify default settings for zoom level, and initial map center coordinates. If not specified, the zoom level will default to 12; the coordinates will default to (0, 0).


Center Circle

The optional centerCircle() method allows the addition of a circle to be rendered at the centerpoint of the map.

    ->centerCircle($radiusInMeters, $color, $borderWidth, $backgroundOpacity),

Search Provider

The underlying search capabilities are provided by leaflet-geosearch. Please refer to their documentation for provider configuration. By default we use the ESRI search provider.


You can specify a custom search label in the geosearch box:

    ->searchLabel('Enter Address');

Tile Layer

You are free to use any tile provider that is compatible with Leaflet. Please refer to their documentation on tile layer URLs. By default we use tiles provided by OpenStreetMap:


Recenter On Nova Custom Component Events

  • From your custom component you can trigger the recentering of the map as follows:
    Nova.$emit("recenterMapOn", {latitude, longitude});
  • You can define a custom event name that the MapMarker field will respond to:
    You can then trigger the event from your custom component like so:
    Nova.$emit("customCenterEventTriggerName", {latitude, longitude});


When creating or editing you can search for an address or city to get the map to the general area you wish to get coordinates for. Then you can precisely position the marker by dragging the map -- the marker will always stay positioned in the middle, while you move the map under it.

When viewing the map in on the detail page, the map and marker are not interactive, and there is no search functionality. However, the user is free to zoom in and out.


Create / Edit Field

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 8 16 52 AM

Detail Field

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 8 17 43 AM

Index Field

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 8 32 01 AM

Commitment to Quality

During package development I try as best as possible to embrace good design and development practices, to help ensure that this package is as good as it can be. My checklist for package development includes:

  • ✅ Achieve as close to 100% code coverage as possible using unit tests.
  • ✅ Eliminate any issues identified by SensioLabs Insight and Scrutinizer.
  • ✅ Be fully PSR1, PSR2, and PSR4 compliant.
  • ✅ Include comprehensive documentation in
  • ✅ Provide an up-to-date which adheres to the format outlined at
  • ✅ Have no PHPMD or PHPCS warnings throughout all code.


Please observe and respect all aspects of the included Code of Conduct

Reporting Issues

When reporting issues, please fill out the included template as completely as possible. Incomplete issues may be ignored or closed if there is not enough information included to be actionable.

Submitting Pull Requests

Please review the Contribution Guidelines Only PRs that meet all criterium will be accepted.

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