This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the thomaspark/bootswatch package instead.

abandoned since Sass is now in official bootswatch

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Bootswatch is a collection of free themes for Bootstrap. Check it out at

This fork is a port to SASS so you can include swatches in your Bootstrap SASS project.


####CSS Download the bootstrap.min.css file associated with a theme and replace Bootstrap's default stylesheet.

The themes are also hosted on BootstrapCDN.

####SCSS / Bower Add it to your bower_components directory by executing

bower install bootswatch-sass

To use a theme in your Sass project, structure your imports in this order

  1. import the offial bootstrap-sass variables
  2. import bootswatch theme variables
  3. import offical bootstrap-sass
  4. import bootswatch theme additional file

E.g - Importing the paper theme:

    @import "bower_components/bootstrap-sass-official/assets/stylesheets/bootstrap/variables";
    @import "bower_components/bootswatch-sass/paper/variables";
    @import "bower_components/bootstrap-sass-official/assets/stylesheets/bootstrap/bootstrap";
    @import "bower_components/bootswatch-sass/paper/bootswatch-scss/readable/bootswatch";


Bootswatch is open source and you’re welcome to modify the themes.

Each theme consists of two SASS files. _variables.scss, which is included by default in Bootstrap, allows you to customize these settings. _bootswatch.scss introduces more extensive structural changes.

Check out the Help page for more details on building your own theme.


A simple API is available for integrating your platform with Bootswatch. Send your request to

The swatch objects are returned in an array called themes, each one with the following properties: name, description, preview, thumbnail, css, cssMin, scss, and scssVariables.

More info at


####Official Bootswatch

Thomas Park


Corey Sewell


Thomas Park for Bootswatch.

Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton for Bootstrap.

Jenil Gogari for his contributions to the Flatly theme.

James Taylor for cors-lite.

Copyright and License

Copyright 2014 Thomas Park

Code released under the MIT License.