Provides extra features (prefixed fs, resolvable fs) to Gaufrette

v0.1.0 2017-06-17 15:28 UTC

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Provides extras functionality around Gaufrette like Resolvable filesystem.

Resolvable filesystem

ResolvableFilesystem is a decorator permitting to resolve objects paths into URLs.

In order to use it, you have to pass the decorated Filesystem and a Resolver:

$client     = // AwsS3 client instantiation
$decorated  = new Filesystem(new AwsS3($client, 'my_bucket', ['directory' => 'root/dir']));
$filesystem = new ResolvableFilesystem(
    new AwsS3PresignedUrlResolver($client, 'my_bucket', 'root/dir', new \DateTime('+ 1 hour'))

Then you can call resolve($key):

$filesystem->resolve('/foo.png'); // = 'https://...

Currently these resolvers are supported:

  • AwsS3PublicUrlResolver
  • AwsS3PresignedUrlResolver
  • StaticUrlResolver