Client to access HTTP API of shelly devices

2.0.1 2021-11-06 11:33 UTC

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Last update: 2024-06-08 16:37:53 UTC


You can use this library to access the HTTP API of a Shelly device. You can find the official API documentation here.


Use composer

composer require gared/shelly-php-client

Getting started

Configure client

$client = new \ShellyClient\HTTP\Client('');

If you have configured login credentials you have to create the client like this:

$client = new \ShellyClient\HTTP\Client('http://shellyuser:secret@');

Get current power usage

$meter = $client->getMeter(new \ShellyClient\Model\Request\MeterRequest());
$power = $meter->getPower();
echo "Current power usage: " . $power;

Power shelly plug "on"

$client->getRelay(0, \ShellyClient\Model\Request\RelayRequest::TURN_ON);

Full example

// Create new client for one device
$clientLightA = new \ShellyClient\HTTP\Client('', 'ShellyDeviceLightA');
$clientLightB = new \ShellyClient\HTTP\Client('', 'ShellyDeviceLightB');

// Switch device on and get relay data
$relayRequest = new \ShellyClient\Model\Request\RelayRequest();
$relay = $clientLightA->getRelay($relayRequest);
// check if timer has been set
if ($relay->hasTimer()) {
    // do something

$meter = $clientLightA->getMeter(new \ShellyClient\Model\Request\MeterRequest());
// Get total power consumption in kW/h
$kilowattHours = $meter->getTotalInKilowattHours();
// Get last three watt per minute power consumption values
$counters = $meter->getCounters();

// Parallel call informations from device B
$power = $clientLightB->getMeter(new \ShellyClient\Model\Request\MeterRequest())->getPower();
// Get device name set above in construct
$deviceNameDeviceB = $clientLightB->getDeviceName();
// or use device name set in shelly device
$deviceNameShelly = $clientLightB->getSettings(new \ShellyClient\Model\Request\SettingsRequest())->getName();

Supported Platforms

  • You need at least PHP 8.1

Supported APIs

API Code
/light $client->getLight();
/meter $client->getMeter();
/relay $client->getRelay();
/settings $client->getSettings();
/settings/actions $client->getActions();
/settings/light $client->getSettingsLight();
/status $client->getStatus();