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Amqp message dispatcher

3.0.2 2016-08-07 16:31 UTC

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Last update: 2020-08-07 20:12:07 UTC




Rabit implementation


$envelope = new Amqp\Envelope();
$dispatcher = $amqp->getDispatcher();

// Publish message to queue
$dispatcher->dispatch("kernel.error", new Amqp\PublishEvent($envelope));
$dispatcher->dispatch("kernel.warning", new Amqp\PublishEvent($envelope));

// Publish message to exchange

$dispatcher->dispatch("kernel.critical", new Amqp\PublishEvent($envelope));
$dispatcher->dispatch("kernel.notice", new Amqp\PublishEvent($envelope));
$dispatcher->dispatch("", new Amqp\PublishEvent($envelope));
$dispatcher->dispatch("", new Event());
$dispatcher->dispatch("kernel.message", new Event());

To ensure message delivery to queue/exchange - dispatch MandatoryEvent instead of Event

Exception handling

PHP SPL exceptions

Logic Exceptions

Logic Exceptions are for errors that occur at compile time. Since PHP has no compile time in the sense this is meant, it usually is interpreted as "errors occuring during development", (like when the developer forgot to pass a depedency or rooting key)

LogicException are moved to dead-letter exchange because they represents error in the program logic. This kind of exception should lead directly to a fix in code and requeue messages

DomainException (a LogicException subset) is thew when naither of listeners consumed the event (either by acknowledging or rejecting message). This can't be fixed otherwise than removing not supported route or adding missing acknowledgement

Runtime Exceptions

Runtime Exceptions are for unforseen errors (usually stemming from User Input) when the code is run.

Those exceptions may be triggered by temporary connection issues, rate limits etc. They are moved automatically to wait exchange to retry them later.


It's up to developer how to handle any other Throwable by wrapping Consumer into try-catch block.

  • it might be moved to headers exchange - and retried after implementing fix
  • might be moved to dead-letter exchange by message broker
  • rejecting erroring messages with AMQP_REQUEUE flag creates stream of one and the same messages. Keep an eye on retry-count to avoid issues