A minimalistic HTTP router.

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Gacela Router

A minimalistic HTTP router, ideal for your proof-of-concept projects and decoupled controllers.

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There are many other routers out there. Eg: using Symfony Framework, Laravel, etc... however, these are really rich in features which means they add a lot of accidental complexity and dependencies to your vendor, that you might want to avoid. At least for your proof-of-concept project.

Gacela Router doesn't aim to be the best router that can do everything, but a light router to have the bare minimum code, ideal for your simple ideas to emerge.

For a POC, we value simplicity over a rich-feature library.


composer require gacela-project/router


# `Bindings` and `Handlers` are optional, and you can place them in any order.

$router = new Router(function (Routes $routes, Bindings $bindings, Handlers $handlers) {

    // Custom redirections
    $routes->redirect('docs', 'https://gacela-project.com/');
    // Matching a route coming from a particular or any custom HTTP methods
    $routes->get('custom', CustomController::class, '__invoke');
    $routes->...('custom', CustomController::class, 'customAction');
    $routes->any('custom', CustomController::class);

    // Matching a route coming from multiple HTTP methods
    $routes->match(['GET', 'POST'], '/', CustomController::class);
    // Binding custom dependencies on your controllers
    $routes->get('custom/{number}', CustomControllerWithDependencies::class, 'customAction');
    $bindings->bind(SomeDependencyInterface::class, SomeDependencyConcrete::class)

    // Handle custom Exceptions with class-string|callable
    $handlers->handle(NotFound404Exception::class, NotFound404ExceptionHandler::class);



Working demo

For a working example run composer serve and check the example/example.php

TIP: composer serve is equivalent to:

php -S localhost:8081 example/example.php