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  • Integrate BitShares (or other cryptocurrency chain on BitShares protocol)


composer require furqansiddiqui/bitshares-php


After compiling/installing BitShares, for Wallet API, program cli_wallet has to be launched. It is recommended to launch cli_wallet program in tmux session.

./cli_wallet --server-rpc-endpoint=ws://localhost:8092 -r

Parameter Example Value Argument Type
--server-rpc-endpoint= ws://localhost:8092 Hostname and port where to launch RPC server; Must also specify web-socket protocol either (ws or wss)
-r IP and port where witness_node program is running

Important Notes:

  • Unlocked Wallet Requirement: Any transaction that requires use of a private key will require an unlocked wallet. A wallet maybe unlocked from CLI for an indefinite amount of time.
  • Import Necessary Accounts: To be able to register and create accounts, a pre-existing account is required with sufficient balance to be able to register/create new accounts thus making it near mandatory to import at least one account to your BTS wallet. API method importAccount may be used for this purpose.