A tiny PHP library for creating SVG donut (and pie) charts.

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A tiny PHP library for creating SVG donut (and pie) charts.


This library is a PHP port of the TypeScript library tiny-donuts.


We needed Donut charts - however, Chart.js was a much too powerful (and big) for our use case and added >200kb to our browser application.

So we wrote this small library with a minified size of 4 KiB.

While tiny-donuts is a great library, we needed something less client-side and more server-side.

So we ported their library to PHP.


Install this package with Composer:

composer require fundevogel/tiny-phpeanuts


The Donut class takes three parameters:

Parameter Type Default Description
$entries array - data to be visualized
$thickness float see below thickness of the chart
$spacing float see below spacing between the segments


.. and there's even more! Check out these 'global' options:

Setter Type Default Description
setSize int 100 dimensions of chart
setBackgroundColor string 'transparent' background fill color
setPreferViewbox bool true viewBox > width & height
setClasses string '' classes applied to chart
setRole string 'img' role attribute
setPieChart bool false make it a pie chart




use Fundevogel\Donut;

$donut = new Donut(
        ['color' => '#4F5D95', 'value' => 0.68], # PHP
        ['color' => '#2b7489', 'value' => 0.25], # TypeScript
        ['color' => '#563d7c', 'value' => 0.04], # CSS
        ['color' => '#3572A5', 'value' => 0.02], # Python
        ['color' => '#89e051', 'value' => 0.01], # Shell

// .. maybe make it a pie chart?

// Render its markup
$svg = $donut->render();

# Save it to disk ..
# (1) .. using the XML DOM parser
$dom = new DOMDocument;
$dom->preserveWhiteSpace = FALSE;

# (2) .. echoing its contents
header('Content-Type: image/svg+xml');
echo $svg;

# (3) .. or simply like this
file_put_contents('dist/chart_file-put-contents.svg', $svg);

.. looks like this:

Donut Chart, powered by tiny-phpeanuts

.. and with setPieChart(true):

Donut Chart, powered by tiny-phpeanuts


Will there be more charts in the future?

PRs welcome, beyond that .. no.

Are you sure?

Yes! If you are looking for something more serious, have a look at easychart.


  • Add tests
  • Table view for options
  • Optimizing code


This project is based on the TypeScript library tiny-donuts by Kim Almasan & Lars Krumbier. The helper functions (see lib/helpers) were taken from Kirby by Bastian Allgeier (both the project and its founder are just awesome, btw).

Happy coding!

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