Common CLI helpers classes

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Add the dependency in your composer.json :

"require": {
    "ftven/cli-common": "1.*"

Then update your dependency :

$ ./composer.phar update ftven/cli-common

Then you can use it directly in your scripts :


// ...

require_once '/path/to/vendor/autoload.php';

$cli = new Ftven\Build\Cli\Application\CliApplication('mytool', '1.0.0');

$cli->addExtension(new MyNamespace\MyExtension());


CliApplication is a full Symfony Console Application, so you can use all available methods on it to add commands, etc... As a best practices, we recommand not adding directly commands on the CliApplication, rather create an extension. For further information on creating extension, read CoreExtension class, or search for php-cli-xxx-extension on our GitHub.

Enjoy !

FTVEN Build Team.