Fully customizable PSR compatible PHP framework

1.0.0 2022-05-21 23:10 UTC

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Fully customizable and PSR compatible PHP framework

  1. Run composer create-project frostnova/starter <folder> to create a new project.
    • If you plan to use Docker, make sure that you have (locally) same PHP version as the version ^8.0.0 that is used in frostnova/docker
  2. Prepare development environment
    • With Docker
      • Run composer run add-docker from the newly created project to add Docker development environment.
      • Edit domain in http server configuration
      • Run docker-compose up -d
    • Without Docker
      • Start your local http server
  3. Add <domain> to etc/hosts
  4. Go to http://<domain> in your browser
  5. The page should show JSON data