Provides some basic things for managing the Shopware Installation

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1.0.5 2023-05-30 19:29 UTC


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This plugin contains some utility functions for managing a Shopware 6 shop.

The current feature set consists of:

  • System Status
    • Checks PHP Version, MySQL, Queue is working etc.
    • Checks for performance optimizations and links documentation
  • Cache manager
    • Lists App and Http Cache and all folders in var/cache
    • Clear specific caches
    • Compile theme
  • Scheduled Task Manager
    • Shows all Scheduled Tasks and can execute one specific
    • Edit interval and next execution
    • Register Scheduled Tasks
  • Queue Manager
    • Shows the amount of messages in the queue
    • Reset queue
  • Log viewer
    • Shows the entries of /var/log/*.log files
  • Task Logging
    • Can be enabled with env FROSH_TOOLS_TASK_LOGGING=1 in .env. This will create a log in var/log/task_logging-xx.log
      • Set FROSH_TOOLS_TASK_LOGGING_INFO=1 in .env to log all tasks
  • Feature Flag Manager
    • Provides the ability to enable or disable feature flags
  • State Machine Visualisation
    • basic view of order, transaction and delivery states



  • Clone this repository into custom/plugins of your Shopware 6 installation
  • Install composer dependencies shopware-cli extension prepare custom/plugins/FroshTools
  • Build the assets with shopware-cli extension build custom/plugins/FroshTools


composer require frosh/tools

Store (Bearer token required from

composer require


frosh:env:list - Listing of all environment variables

bin/console frosh:env:list

Lists as json output:

bin/console frosh:env:list --json

frosh:env:get - Get environment variables

bin/console frosh:env:get APP_URL
bin/console frosh:env:get APP_URL --key-value
bin/console frosh:env:get APP_URL --json
    "APP_URL": "http:\/\/localhost"

frosh:env:set - Set environment variables

bin/console frosh:env:set VARIABLE VALUE

frosh:env:del - Delete environment variables

bin/console frosh:env:del VARIABLE

frosh:dev:robots-txt - For testshops - add/change robots.txt to stop crawers

bin/console frosh:dev:robots-txt

frosh:dev:robots-txt -r - For testshops - revert changes in robots.txt

bin/console frosh:dev:robots-txt -r

frosh:plugin:update - update plugins with available updates at once

bin/console frosh:plugin:update

frosh:composer-plugin:update - update plugins managed by composer

bin/console frosh:composer-plugin:update

frosh:user:change:password - updates user password

bin/console frosh:user:change:password <username> [<password>]


System Status Cache Manager Scheduled Task Manager Queue Manager Log Viewer File Checker Elasticsearch Manager Feature Flags State Machine Viewer