Shopware specific Rector

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0.4.0 2024-05-18 17:03 UTC

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Rector for Shopware

This project extends Rector with multiple Rules for Shopware specific.

See available Shopware rules


Make sure to install both frosh/shopware-rector as well as rector/rector.

composer req rector/rector frosh/shopware-rector --dev

Use Sets

To add a set to your config, use Frosh\Rector\Set\ShopwareSetList class and pick one of constants:

use Frosh\Rector\Set\ShopwareSetList;

return static function (RectorConfig $rectorConfig): void {

Use directly the config

# Clone this repo

composer install

# Dry Run
./vendor/bin/rector process --config config/shopware-6.5.0.php --autoload-file [SHOPWARE]/vendor/autoload.php [SHOPWARE]/custom/plugins/MyPlugin --dry-run

# Normal Run
./vendor/bin/rector process --config config/shopware-6.5.0.php --autoload-file [SHOPWARE]/vendor/autoload.php [SHOPWARE]/custom/plugins/MyPlugin