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This plugin provides a robots.txt for a Shopware 6 shop. Currently it is not possible to distinguish different user-agents. Note that in general only the robots.txt at the root will be considered.

Allow and Disallow rules

Currently there exist the following default rules

Allow: /
Disallow: /*?
Allow: /*theme/

If you need to modify them this should be done by a template modification. If there are other general rules which are useful for others, consider creating a pull request.

It is possible to configure the Disallow and Allow rules in the plugin configuration. Each line needs to start with Allow: or Disallow: followed by the URI-path. The generated robots.txt will contain each path prefixed with the absolute base path.

For example suppose you have two "domains" configured for a sales channel and and the plugin configuration

Disallow: /account/
Disallow: /checkout/
Disallow: /widgets/
Allow: /widgets/cms/
Allow: /widgets/menu/offcanvas

The robots.txt at contains:

Disallow: /en/account/
Disallow: /en/checkout/
Disallow: /en/widgets/
Allow: /en/widgets/cms/
Allow: /en/widgets/menu/offcanvas
Disallow: /account/
Disallow: /checkout/
Disallow: /widgets/
Allow: /widgets/cms/
Allow: /widgets/menu/offcanvas


In addition to the rules the sitemaps containing the domain will be linked. Again suppose we have the domains and configured, the robots.txt will contain