This plugins allows you to use variable thumbnails, without having them on storage.

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This plugin allows you to use variable thumbnails, if your filesystem (or storage-adapter) supports it. So you don't need modern file formats.
Besides the benefits for using it in live shops, you can use this also in development-systems, if you don't want thumbnails to be created.
It will add parameters to original image paths.
So you are able to save storage and add new thumbnails on the fly.

Plugin version Shopware version Branch
5.* Min. 6.6 main
4.* - 3.0.0 Min. 6.5 v4
2.* - 1.0.16 Min. 6.4 v2
1.0.15 - 1.0.6 Min. 6.3
1.0.5 - 1.0.0 Min. 6.0


Download the plugin from the release page and enable it in Shopware.

By composer

composer require frosh/platform-thumbnail-processor

From source

Run npm install in src/Resources/app/storefront within the plugin directory

By zip

download latest release and upload into admin:


While active, this will access all thumbnails variable from original image. The thumbnail-files won't be needed anymore.


You can edit the thumbnail-template within the plugin-config. Defaults {mediaUrl}/{mediaPath}?width={width}. Available variables with examples:

Feel free to decorate ThumbnailUrlTemplateInterface to add more individual functions like signed imgproxy

Removing unneeded thumbnails

You may want to delete folder thumbnails within folder public. If needed, you could create redirects on your web server for old paths. Example for Apache .htaccess: RewriteRule ^thumbnail/(.*)_\d+x\d+.(.*)$$1.$2 [L,R=301], consult their docs for more details.

Adding more thumbnail sizes:

  • Save new size in the folder of the media management
  • (no more needed from version 3.0.2) run the command bin/console media:generate-thumbnails on the console to update the thumbnails for all images in the database
  • Clear shop cache

Find Patterns

You can find patterns in GitHub Discussions in category Patterns


After uninstalling plugin you have to run bin/console media:generate-thumbnails -strict to generate the thumbnails-files on disk.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.