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1.0.3 2024-01-22 22:05 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-02-22 22:17:36 UTC


Successor plugin of FroshProfiler and FroshMailCatcher


Git Version

  • Checkout Plugin in /custom/plugins/FroshDevelopmentHelper
  • Download FroshPluginUploader and run ext:prepare [folder to plugin]
  • Install the Plugin with the Plugin Manager


  • Show Twig Includes / Blocks in Template as HTML Comment
  • Disable Annoying Storefront Error Handler
  • Disables Twig Cache
  • Twig Variables in Twig Tab
  • Generate definition from command line

Generate plugin

./bin/console frosh:make:plugin <plugin-name>

Optional with --namespace=xxx\\xx specifying the namespace

Generating Entities or edit Entities

Start wizard with

./bin/console frosh:make:definition My\\Plugin\\Namespace\\SomeDefinition

Generate Migration

./bin/console frosh:make:migration <plugin-name> <entity-name>

Example entity name: product, category, order

Checks the difference of that definition with the database and creates a migration

Generate Twig Extension file

./bin/console frosh:extend:template <plugin-name>

Asks for the block you want to extend and creates the twig extension file for you

SQL Logger for Console Debugging

Prints executed SQL to the console, in such a way that they can be easily copied to other SQL tools for further debugging. This is similar to the symfony debug bar, but useful in CLI commands and tests.


     new \Frosh\DevelopmentHelper\Doctrine\EchoSQLLogger()

Known issues

Some HTML is not rendered correctly when this plugin is active 💣

This plugin can cause problems with blocks, due to the feature to show the block name as HTML comment. If you encounter such issues with your plugin or project, you can configure this in config/packages/frosh_development_helper.yaml

There is a predefined list of pattern which likely would cause such problems - feel free to provide a pull request with more such generic patterns.