This extension provides Web App Manifest configuration.

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v1.1.0 2021-10-29 10:07 UTC

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This extension adds PWA Web App Manifest configuration in TYPO3 Site Configuration

If you have any questions just drop a line in #initiative-pwa Slack channel.


Extension requires TYPO3 in version at least 9.5.

Version TYPO3
2.x 12.0 - 12.4
1.x 9.5 - 11.5


Install extension using composer
composer require friendsoftypo3/pwa_manifest

then, include typoscript template, and go to page with ?type=835.


Go straight to Site Configuration in your TYPO3 backend and edit your page. Configuration

Web App Manifest

Check reference for more information.

   "short_name": "Maps",  
   "name": "Google Maps",
   "icons": [
       "src": "/images/icons-192.png",
       "type": "image/png",
       "sizes": "192x192"
       "src": "/images/icons-512.png",
       "type": "image/png",
       "sizes": "512x512"
   "start_url": "/maps/?source=pwa",
   "background_color": "#3367D6",
   "display": "standalone",
   "scope": "/maps/",
   "theme_color": "#3367D6"


Development for this extension is happening as part of the TYPO3 PWA initiative, see


A special thanks goes to company, which is sponsoring development of this solution.

Developers involved in the project

  • Łukasz Uznański (Macopedia)