PSR-6 cache implementation with keyGenerator & Compression

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PSR-6 Cache implementation with KeyGenerator and Compression.


This is an extension to PSR-6.
Cache data by a given var as key.
This can be an object, an array or any var.
Key-generation with SerializeKeyGenerator will serialize and md5 the given var, further you can add a custom prefix to it.

You can also define your own KeyGenerator according your needs by implementing the interfaces.

It is designed to cache data by a variable resp. query-object and the key will be generated based on this var. If you know the cache-key beforehand you can directly use the cache-pool instance instead.

$keyVar      = new \stdClass();
$keyVar->foo = ['baz' => 'bif'];
$item = $cache->getItemByVar($keyVar);
$itemFromCache = $cache->getItemByVar($keyVar);


Data can be compressed and data will be serialized before its passed to the cache if possible.

$compression    = new GzCompression();
$cache = CompressionCachePool($innerCachePool, $compression);


Cache aware Traits for normal PSR-6 CacheItemPoolInterface and extended GeneratableKeyCache are provided.

CacheableTrait and GenerateableKeyCacheableTrait provide wrapper method to fetch and save cache data.

    use CachePoolAwareTrait;
    use CacheableTrait;

    public function load()
        return $this->cacheable(
            function () {
                $entity = new TestEntity();

                return $entity;
            function ($data) {
                return $data instanceof TestEntity;

Symfony Bridge Cache Bundle with CompilerPass for tag cacher.aware tag:

  • name: 'cacher.aware', cache: cache.pool.service, enabled: %cache.enabled%


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.