This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the facebook/hack-router package instead.
There is no license information available for the latest version (v1.0.0rc7) of this package.

URI routing for Hack

v1.0.0rc7 2016-10-03 01:14 UTC


Type-safe request routing, parameter retrieval, and link generation built on top of nikic/fast-route, with PSR-7 support.


HTTP Exceptions

Exception classes representing common situations in HTTP applications:

  • InternalServerError
  • MethodNotAllowed
  • NotFoundException


A simple typed request router, built on top of nikic/fast-route. Example:

<?hh // strict
/** TResponder can be whatever you want; in this case, it's a
 * callable, but classname<MyWebControllerBase> is also a
 * common choice.
type TResponder = (function(ImmMap<string, string>):string);

final class BaseRouterExample extends BaseRouter<TResponder> {
  protected function getRoutes(
  ): ImmMap<HttpMethod, ImmMap<string, TResponder>> {
    return ImmMap {
      HttpMethod::GET => ImmMap {
        '/' =>
          ($_params) ==> 'Hello, world',
        '/user/{user_name}' =>
          ($params) ==> 'Hello, '.$params['user_name'],
      HttpMethod::POST => ImmMap {
        '/' => ($_params) ==> 'Hello, POST world',

Simplified for conciseness - see examples/BaseRouterExample.php for full executable example.


Generate FastRoute fragments, URIs (for linking), and retrieve URI parameters in a consistent and type-safe way:

<?hh // strict
final class UserPageController extends WebController {
  public static function getUriPattern(): UriPattern {
    return (new UriPattern())
  // ...

Parameters can be retrevied, with types checked at runtime both against the values, and the definition:

public function getResponse(): string {
  return 'Hello, '.$this->getUriParameters()->getString('user_name');

You can also generate links to controllers:

$link = UserPageController::getUriBuilder()
  ->setString('user_name', 'Mr Hankey')

These examples are simplified for conciseness - see examples/UriPatternsExample.php for full executable example.


The fredemmott/hack-router-codegen project builds on top of of this project to automatically generate:

  • Full request routing objects and URI maps based on UriPatterns defined in the controllers
  • Per-controller parameter classes, allowing $params->getFoo() instead of $params->getString('Foo'); this allows the typechecker to catch more errors, and IDE autocomplete functionality to support parameters.
  • Per-controller UriBuilder classes, with similar benefits