This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.
There is no license information available for the latest version (v1.0.0rc8) of this package.

URI routing for Hack

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v1.0.0rc8 2017-02-15 01:38 UTC


Continuous Integration

Fast, type-safe request routing, parameter retrieval, and link generation, with PSR-7 support.


HTTP Exceptions

Exception classes representing common situations in HTTP applications:

  • InternalServerError
  • MethodNotAllowed
  • NotFoundException


A simple typed request router. Example:

<?hh // strict
/** TResponder can be whatever you want; in this case, it's a
 * callable, but classname<MyWebControllerBase> is also a
 * common choice.
type TResponder = (function(ImmMap<string, string>):string);

final class BaseRouterExample extends BaseRouter<TResponder> {
  protected function getRoutes(
  ): ImmMap<HttpMethod, ImmMap<string, TResponder>> {
    return ImmMap {
      HttpMethod::GET => ImmMap {
        '/' =>
          ($_params) ==> 'Hello, world',
        '/user/{user_name}' =>
          ($params) ==> 'Hello, '.$params['user_name'],
      HttpMethod::POST => ImmMap {
        '/' => ($_params) ==> 'Hello, POST world',

Simplified for conciseness - see examples/BaseRouterExample.php for full executable example.


Generate FastRoute fragments, URIs (for linking), and retrieve URI parameters in a consistent and type-safe way:

<?hh // strict
final class UserPageController extends WebController {
  public static function getUriPattern(): UriPattern {
    return (new UriPattern())
  // ...

Parameters can be retrevied, with types checked at runtime both against the values, and the definition:

public function getResponse(): string {
  return 'Hello, '.$this->getUriParameters()->getString('user_name');

You can also generate links to controllers:

$link = UserPageController::getUriBuilder()
  ->setString('user_name', 'Mr Hankey')

These examples are simplified for conciseness - see examples/UriPatternsExample.php for full executable example.


The hhvm/hack-router-codegen project builds on top of of this project to automatically generate:

  • Full request routing objects and URI maps based on UriPatterns defined in the controllers
  • Per-controller parameter classes, allowing $params->getFoo() instead of $params->getString('Foo'); this allows the typechecker to catch more errors, and IDE autocomplete functionality to support parameters.
  • Per-controller UriBuilder classes, with similar benefits


We welcome GitHub issues and pull requests - please see CONTRIBUTING.md for details.


hack-router is MIT-licensed.